Program Site Visits for HBCU/BSI Physics Departments

EP3 has launched a new effort to conduct program site visits to HBCU and BSI institutions, funded by NSF, to support and learn from physics departments at HBCUs/BSIs as they work to increase their enrollment and graduation rates of Black students. The visits started in Fall 2021 and will run through Spring 2024.

These visits will be coordinated with the APS Committee on Minorities (COM) and use structures included in the EP3 Guide, including sections on How to Serve as an Undergraduate Program Reviewer, How to Undertake and Program Review, Recruiting of Undergraduate Physics Majors, Retention of Undergraduate Physics Majors, and the Toolkit for Departments under Threat.

  • A visiting group of 3: a member of the EP3 team, a member of COM, and another HBCU/BSI department chair.
  • A stipend for the visitors, plus all travel expenses covered.
  • An honorarium for the participating chairs and an invitation to participate in a visit to another institution.
  • Build a team
  • Review EP3 guidance
  • Produce a self-study focusing specifically on recruitment and retention of majors
  • Plan and facilitate the visit
  • Construct a plan of action
  • Follow up with the project

Please feel free to contact Sean Costello with any questions or comments about the site visits.

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