Template for an External Reviewers’ Report

Below is an example template for an external reviewers’ report if your institution does not have an existing report format.

Our recommendation: (approximately 5–6 pages, not including appendices)

  • Introduction: Particulars of the visit and the visiting reviewers (e.g., names of visitors, date of visit, acknowledgments, etc.) and a brief description of the program with its context.

  • Findings: A brief description of strengths, areas for improvement, and specific observations. Include relevant comparisons to similar departments as appropriate.

    Potential topics on which reviewers may want to comment in the report include the program’s goals and objectives; curriculum, instruction, and alignment with the student population and their career goals; assessment practices; climate; student success; academic support; resources and facilities.

  • Recommendations (including references as appropriate): A bulleted and prioritized list of specific initiatives that could be undertaken, with expected outcomes. Recommendations given with potential strategies for implementation are most helpful. These items could be subdivided according to resources that may be required for implementation (possible with e.g., current resources, modest additional resources, substantial additional resources). Responses to issues and questions posed to the visiting reviewers can also be included here.

  • Appendices:

    • Visit agenda

    • Reviewers’ resumes: Include one- or two-page resumes or biosketches of each external reviewer