Stephanie Chasteen

External Evaluator

Chasteen Educational Consulting

Stephanie Chasteen is a physicist, education researcher, and experienced external evaluator with Chasteen Educational Consulting, who serves as the external evaluator for this project. She has integrated research on faculty and institutional change to lead and evaluate department-based change initiatives in multiple STEM disciplines. She has served as external evaluator for 17 STEM improvement projects since 2009, including national-level projects in the physics community such as the New Faculty Workshop (AAPT/APS/AAS), the Joint Task Force for Undergraduate Physics Programs (APS/AAPT), and PhysTEC (APS/AAPT).

Her research focus is on faculty and departmental change. As an evaluator, she synthesizes multiple measures to provide a holistic description of a project’s progress and hurdles, providing practical, actionable recommendations for improvement.